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Hello, and a very warm South African Welcome!

So, you’re new to the era of Raclette… allow me to introduce you to this new exciting concept brought from abroad. People from across the globe have been enjoying this concept for many years. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll love it and you’ll never turn back.

Raclette.co.za which is owned and managed by Bronley-Robyn Gover is proud to introduce this much awaited idea to South Africa.

With her attention to detail, determination and strong leadership abilities, anything she puts her mind to – she will accomplish. Raclette South Africa is dedicated to outstanding service from the minute an order is received, to the time the order is delivered. She has spent a lot of time travelling abroad and has finally decided that it is time to introduce South Africa to the new exciting idea of Raclette.

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The anticipation has been a long time coming… The idea of inviting friends over for a meal is a thing of the past. What we hope to achieve, is the idea of rather inviting your friends and family for an evening of good conversation, fun and great food – also known as Raclette. Instead of cooking for your friends, cook with them! It’s an innovative way of entertaining and the ideas are endless.

Our slogan says it all “The rest is up to you” And you will soon agree, once you have experienced it.

Please contact us for delivery fees.

We use a door-to-door courier company with “Track and Trace” facilities for our clients convenience.


We at Raclette.co.za Entertainment cc have very simple Terms & Conditions, as we don’t believe that any of our clients would be requiring them… but here they are, just in case:

1. Monetary refunds are only valid for 7 (seven) days after purchase of the Raclette Grill, provided that it is unused and in its original packaging.

2. If there is an electrical fault in the Raclette Grill; we offer an “Exact product refund”. These are only valid for 7 (seven) days after purchase of the Raclette Grill, if something electrical is faulty, we will gladly replace the Raclette Grill with a new one and will check out the faulty Grill for you.

3. Guarantees are only valid for 6 (six) months and this only covers the electrical components of the Raclette Grill. This does not include the wooden scrapers, little pans or grill top.

4. If little pans or grill top has been damaged due to metal scraping from knives, dish washing scourers etc… they will not be replaced.