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Raclette History

ra·clette (rä-klĕt’) noun

1.a dish, of Swiss origin, similar to a fondue, consisting of melted cheese traditionally served on boiled potatoes and accompanied with pickles

Raclette is a Swiss Cheese dish that has been popular for centuries. There are different opinions about who started it. Some say shepherds in the mountains, other say it was the grape harvesters in the vineyards of the Valais region of Switzerland. No matter who, fact is that after a hard days work, they gathered around a campfire and enjoyed a Raclette.

Everybody agrees, that it took place in the Valais region of Switzerland and that the original cheese was made there.

Today there are countless varieties of healthy meals each person can prepare while sitting together at the dining table around an indoor grill. Sharing stories over drinks while creating personalized dishes on a racette grill is an activity everyone will love.

And you’ll be cooking with your friends, not for them.


We at Raclette.co.za Entertainment cc have very simple Terms & Conditions, as we don’t believe that any of our clients would be requiring them… but here they are, just in case:

1. Monetary refunds are only valid for 7 (seven) days after purchase of the Raclette Grill, provided that it is unused and in its original packaging.

2. If there is an electrical fault in the Raclette Grill; we offer an “Exact product refund”. These are only valid for 7 (seven) days after purchase of the Raclette Grill, if something electrical is faulty, we will gladly replace the Raclette Grill with a new one and will check out the faulty Grill for you.

3. Guarantees are only valid for 6 (six) months and this only covers the electrical components of the Raclette Grill. This does not include the wooden scrapers, little pans or grill top.

4. If little pans or grill top has been damaged due to metal scraping from knives, dishwashing scourers etc… they will not be replaced.